Today’s Class

We’ll start most days with a few simple routines: freewriting, an overview of what we’re doing in class today, along with any other housekeeping. Most classes have a single main goal. To meet that goal, we’ll do a variety of activities. Some will happen every class; some will happen once. Some will be repeated throughout the semester. Every activity is selected and designed to help you make progress toward one of our course learning objectives. Frequently, we’ll talk about these. Let me know what works best for YOU! Below is our agenda for today’s class, along with key links, instructions, groups, and homework due for our next class. If you want to review our previous classes, there’s a Doc for that.

December 5 & 7 (Classes 27 & 28)

Today’s Goal: Share our self-assessment drafts in pairs/threes; presentations

  • Freewrite: Letter to a future ENG 110 student  
  • Housekeeping: 
  • Share your self-assessments in pairs
    • identify the paragraph or section or artifact you’d like to focus on when you share it
    • practice delivering that information to your partner
    • select the artifact of work that you’d like projected
  • Low-key presentations of a paragraph-ish from your self-assessments, Day  1 (links go to your portfolio home pages) 
  • Low-key presentations of a paragraph-ish from your self-assessments, Day  2 (links go to your portfolio home pages)  


  • Type up your self-assessment in your digital portfolio. Include screenshots or pictures of the artifacts you reference. (Use the paragraph block for text and the image block for images). Your self-assessment must include 3-5 examples of your own writing that support a specific argument about the way you’ve changed as a writer. Memos and/or cover letters are good resources here. Relate that change to at least one (but possibly more than one) course learning objective. REMEMBER that we will share at least a paragraph from this draft with the class on Tuesday and Thursday of next week.  
  • Update your digital portfolio so that its landing page is a “static” page. (This is under “Dashboard”–> “Settings” –> “Reading”. Please make your Self-Assessment that home page.) We’ll check this on Tuesday.
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